Find The Best Cotton Sleepwear For Summer

Find The Best Cotton Sleepwear For Summer

Many women in Australia and New Zealand turn to cotton sleepwear for a comfortable and cool night's sleep. We know cotton is a naturally breathable and hypoallergenic material making it the preferred sleepwear on those hot and balmy summer nights. Did you know that cotton comes in a range of fabric options all with unique properties. Read along to find the answers to questions like what cotton is stretchy? What is the most lightweight cotton? Where can I find silky cotton?

Summer Season Cotton Sleepwear

knit mercerised cotton is a luxury cotton fabric that has a lovely silky sheen and because it is knit and has stretch it drapes off the skin with elegance. Knit mercerised cotton garments can be made in a variety of thicknesses and styles. Hanro make stunning summer sleepwear and loungewear in summer cuts including sleeveless nightgowns, knee length nightgowns as well as short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve capri pyjamas and nightgowns. Click the link here to Shop Mercerised Summer Cotton Sleepwear Online

Knit cotton fabric is a popular choice for sleepwear. It is soft and stretchy texture making it ideal for sleepwear as it can flex with your body through the night. Knit cotton is perfect for affordable sleepwear with stretch and should be considered when choosing an everyday sleepwear option if you like stretch! Popular brands that offer knit cotton sleepwear include Schrank and technically Hanro however they are more expensive due to the mercerisation process  Shop Knit Cotton Summer Sleepwear Online

Woven cotton is not to be mistaken for knit cotton. Woven cotton is a tight, non-stretch fabric. Woven cottons can be made in a variety of weights and textures but are commonly used for lightweight summer nighties. Overall, the main differences between woven cotton and cotton knit fabric are their construction methods and resulting stretch characteristics. Popular brands that offer woven cotton sleepwear include French Country and Arabella. Shop Woven Cotton Sleepwear Online

Overall, it's no surprise that cotton sleepwear is a popular choice for ladies in Australia and New Zealand. Knowing the different cotton materials used for summer sleepwear is one step towards a better nights sleep.  At natureswear we are passionate about getting women in the right natural fibre clothing as a step towards greater wellbeing.


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