What Type of Cotton is Best For Pyjamas?

Cotton is a popular fabric choice for pyjamas due to its softness, breathability, and durability. However not all cotton is created equal. Some are stretchy, some are fluffy some are thin, some are structured! So how do you know which type of cotton is the right one for you?

Let us explore the unique properties of each cotton fabric so when it comes time to shopping online you are well equiped to make a purchase you are happy with! 


Pima cotton is a high-quality cotton option for pyjamas. It is known for its softness and is often compared to Egyptian cotton in terms of quality. Pima cotton has a soft and silky feel that drapes over the skin. We reccomend prima cotton as the perfect option for someone looking for sophistication and class in their pyjamas. Shop Prima Cotton Pyjamas
Flannelette pyjamas offer surpreme warmth for cooler months and are suitable for sleepwear across Australian and New Zealand. Flannelette cotton has a wonderful soft and fluffy texture providing a fantastic option if you are after a cosy heavyweight winter pyjama. Shop Flannelette Pyjamas 
Knit Pyjamas are perfect for those who want some stretch in their pyjamas. Knit cotton sleepwear are soft and stretchy. We reccomend knit pyjamas for anyone who wants the freedom of flexibility in their sleepwear. Perfect for those who toss and turn as the fabric can stretch with your movements through the night. Shop Knit Pyjamas 
Woven pyjamas are non stretch and hold their structure very well. Pyjamas made from woven cotton have a classic look often with collared neckline, chest pocket and button up tops. Woven pyjamas can come in a range of lightweight to heavyweight cotton meaning you can find summer woven pyjamas as well as winter woven pyjamas. Shop Woven Pyjamas
In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best cotton for your pyjamas, there are several options to consider. Ultimately, the best cotton for your pyjamas will depend on your individual preferences and needs. 



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