What Is The Best Cotton Sleepwear For Winter?

What Is The Best Cotton Sleepwear For Winter? 

The trick to finding the best cotton sleepwear for winter is to align the fabric that best suits your needs with the style of sleepwear you like. There are many types of cotton fabrics used to make winter sleepwear and they all have unique properties. Types of cotton include brushed cotton sometimes referred to as thermal cotton, Flannelette also a type of thermal cotton, woven cotton, knit cotton and mercerised knit cotton. To help you decide which is best for you we have summarised the properties of each type of cotton.
Brushed cotton has a soft and fluffy texture typically only on one side of the fabric. It is commonly used for nightgowns and is mid weight in texture with little to no stretch Shop Brushed Cotton Sleepwear Online 

Flannelette cotton is made the same way as brushed cotton and has the same soft and fluffy texture however it is usually brushed on both surfaces and made with a heavy weight cotton for optimum warmth and softness. Flannelette is made from woven cotton meaning it has little to no stretch. Shop Flannelette Cotton Sleepwear Online

Quilted cotton is two layers for woven cotton that is stitched together to create a padded, textured surface. The air pockets add insulation and the result is a super warm garment. Quilted cotton is a very structured fabric and can be heavy which lends itself to being use for robes and bed jackets. Quilted cotton can also be found in chest paneling of nightgowns providing extra warmth without being overly heavy. Quilted cotton is a typically woven and a non stretch material. Shop Quilted Cotton Sleepwear Online

Mercerised knit cotton! Mercerisation is a chemical process which adds strength and sheen to cotton. As mercerised cotton is knit it has stretch and drapes off the skin with elegance. Mercerised knit cotton is of a higher price point but if you are looking for quality, luxury cotton sleepwear, you won't be disappointed!  Shop Mercerised Winter Cotton Sleepwear Online

Now you have a good foundation of the cottons used in winter sleepwear why not give cotton an all-year-round reputation in your household starting the day your order from Natureswear arrives at your front door! You can find the right winter cotton fabric sleepwear at natureswear. We are passionate about getting women in the right natural fibre clothing as a small step towards better health starting with better sleep


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