Luxury Cotton Nighties Australia

We are proud to stock luxurious cotton nightgowns and pyjamas from Hanro! The fabric is soft and silky and feels like a dream against your skin. Hanro comes in a range of styles suitable as either loungewear or sleepwear.

So what makes Hanro sleepwear so luxurious? Firstly, Hanro is made using prima cotton. Prima cotton is a high-quality cotton that is known for its long fibers and strength. It is often used in luxury clothing and bedding because of its softness and durability. The cotton is treated with a process called mercerization, which gives it a beautiful sheen and even more strength. Furthermore Hanro garments are made using a knit weave. This results in the garments having some stretch that allows the fabric to drapes off the skin with elegance.

If you have never tried knit mercerised cotton, we highly recommend a try. It is of a higher price point but if you are looking for quality, luxury cotton sleepwear, you won't be disappointed

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