Find The Best Cotton Sleepwear For Winter And Summer

Find The Best Cotton Sleepwear For Winter And Summer

Many women in Australia and New Zealand turn to cotton sleepwear for a comfortable and cool night's sleep. We know cotton is a naturally breathable and hypoallergenic material making it the preferred sleepwear on those hot and balmy summer nights. Cotton sleepwear has been a wardrobe essential for centuries but many people think cotton sleepwear is only for the summertime. We are here to tell you cotton can offer so much more. Keep reading to learn about the different ways cotton is produced and what it means for your sleepwear.

Winter Cotton Sleepwear

Starting with brushed cotton. An incredibly popular fabric choice for nightgowns in the cooler months. So what is brushed cotton? Well, brushed cotton is when a wire brush is stroked along the surface of the fabric to raises the fibres. This creates a fuzzy texture that is soft to the touch. Its softness and added thickness from the raised fibres makes it ideal for autumn and winter sleepwear because of the added warmth it provides. The brushing process is typically only on one surface of the fabric making it ideal as a mid weight material. Now you know what Brushed cotton is lets move to flanelette cotton, But first here is a link to Shop Brushed Cotton Sleepwear Online

Ladies, have you ever heard of flannelette cotton for your sleepwear? Essentially flannelette is made using the same wire brushing process as brushed cotton. The only difference is that flannelette cotton is brushed on both surfaces making it a heavier weight cotton option. Flannelette is commonly made using the woven cotton process which means flannelette cotton offers little to no stretch. If this sounds like what your after, why not treat yourself to a cozy and comfortable night's sleep with flannelette cotton sleepwear? You won't regret it! Shop Flannelette Cotton Sleepwear Online

Next up is quilted cotton! Quilted cotton is a type of fabric that has been stitched together to create a padded, textured surface. This process involves layering two or more pieces of cotton fabric together and then stitching them in a decorative pattern. The result is a soft, warm material that is perfect for sleepwear. The quilted texture adds a unique and stylish touch and typically found on robes and the chest panels of nightgowns. Whether you're lounging at home or sleeping soundly, quilted cotton sleepwear will keep you comfortable and stylish all night long. Like flannelette quilted cotton is mae from woven cotton and has little to no stretch however it is durable, breathable and will ability hold its shape even after multiple washes. Shop Quilted Cotton Sleepwear Online

So up next we have mercerised knit cotton! Lets breck this down. The process of mercerising adds strength to the cotton fibres making it ideal for frequent wear. The process also adds a lovely sheen and because it is knit and has stretch it drapes off the skin with elegance. If you have never tried knit mercerised cotton, we highly recommend a try. It is of a higher price point but if you are looking for quality, luxury cotton sleepwear, you won't be disappointed!  Shop Mercerised Winter Cotton Sleepwear Online

Summer Season Cotton Sleepwear

Surprised to see knit mercerised cotton in the summer section? Well knit mercerised cotton garments can be made in a variety of thicknesses and styles. If you are looking for a summer knit mercerised cotton option for summer check out the short sleeve and sleeveless nightgowns and pyjamas. Click the link here to Shop Mercerised Summer Cotton Sleepwear Online

Knit cotton fabric is a popular choice for sleepwear because of its soft and stretchy texture. This type of fabric is made by interlocking loops of yarn, which creates a flexible fabric that can stretch in all directions. The stretch in the fabric makes it ideal for sleepwear as it can flex with your body through the night. If you're looking for affordable sleepwear with stretch, consider choosing a knit fabric option. Shop Knit Cotton Summer Sleepwear Online

Woven cotton is not to be mistaken for knit cotton. Woven cotton is made by interlacing yarns or threads at right angles to form a tight, non-stretch, durable weave. Woven cottons can be made in a variety of weights and textures but are commonly used for lightweight summer nighties. Overall, the main differences between woven cotton and cotton knit fabric are their construction methods and resulting stretch characteristics. Shop Woven Cotton Sleepwear Online

Overall, it's no surprise that cotton sleepwear is a popular choice for ladies in Australia and New Zealand. Why not give cotton an all-year-round reputation in your household starting the day your order from Natureswear arrives at your front door!  So there we have it! Cotton is suitable for any season! Whether it's a hot summer night or chilly cold winter morning you can find the right cotton fabric sleepwear at natureswear. We are passionate about getting women in the right natural fibre clothing as a small step towards better health starting with better sleep


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