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Silk is often associated with luxury, smoothness, an elegant appearance, and a natural shine. It has been highly valued since its Neolithic origins in China and continues to be revered today for its luxurious feel and shimmering appearance. Silk sleepwear is especially popular due to its gentle nature on the skin, making it a comfortable and soft material to wear. Additionally, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause skin irritation.

Silk sleepwear is highly favoured because of its versatility in style. While many believe it is only limited to nightgowns, pyjamas, and robes, there are numerous other options available. Let's explore the various styles of silk sleepwear.

Silk Nightgowns

A silk chemise is a beautiful and comfortable sleepwear garment that is often worn by women. It usually sits above the knee and comes in various necklines, such as v neck and round neck. Silk chemises make a perfect gift for women and are often given as anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, or milestone birthday presents such as 21st, 30th, and so on. Additionally, silk chemises can be used as slips under sheer dresses. As silk is a natural product, it is known to not cling unlike satin, which can often stick to the skin. Silk chemises can have plain or lace trims, which make them look even more special. Overall, a silk chemise is a versatile and luxurious garment that any woman would love to have in her wardrobe.

Silk kaftans are loose fit sleeved nightdresses that can also be worn as daywear. Kaftans look great on anyone and are a popular summer garment. The loose fit makes it ideal for women who prefer clothes that don't hug their mid-section.

Long silk nightgown can also be referred to as long silk nightie, long silk nightdress and long silk nites. They are typically sleeveless and sit between mid calf and the ankle in length. The longer length is perfect for women who want an elegant and sophisticated silhouette and don't want to show much leg. Popular necklines include v-neck and round neck with either string straps or wide straps. Like chemises they can also have lace on the neckline and bottom trim. They are an ideal choice for autumn or spring sleepwear and loungewear and makes a perfect gift for women. 

Silk Pyjamas 

Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to sleepwear and there are a few reasons why people might prefer pyjamas over nightgowns. Pyjamas might be seen as more practical with pockets, waistbands and less change of flashing the household moving around or picking items up. 

Long Sleeve Silk Pyjamas are as their name suggests..long sleeved but other features include long matching pant with draw string or elastic waist and side pockets. A popular feature of long sleeve silk pyjamas are the button up top with breast pocket and contrasting piping seams which give the Pyjamas their classic look.

If you are after summer silk pyjama sets the best option is to match a french knicker with a silk camisole or singlet. French knickers are characterised by their loose, vintage-inspired cut that sits around the hip and has high-cut leg holes that rise just above the widest part of the thigh. You can match french knickers with silk camisoles whic typically features thin straps and a loose, flowing fit. Popular necklines include in plain v-neck or lace v-neck. Silk singlets can also be paired with french knicers. What makes camisoles different to singlets are their wide straps and round neckline. They are loose fit making it a suitable item for sleepwear.

Now you know the various silk clothing options and hopefully want to try one yourself. We want to make your silks last so you must take added care with silks while you are washing and wearing the garment. If you're asking yourself how do I wash my silk sleepwear well luckily the rules are pretty simple. Gentle hand wash in cold water with delicate laundry detergent is the best option for washing. The best way to dry you silk garment is to hang dry it in a shady spot (as to not sunbleach the colour) If you must hang our silk garment to dry try turning it inside out to prevent discolouration.The best tip for taking care of your silk is to say away from heat, long soaks and harsh detergents like bleach.

If you are someone who enjoys body lotion after their shower we would not recommend silk sleepwear as it may stain. Alternatively you may consider adjusting your bedtime routine or keep silk sleepwear for special occasions. 

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